Welcome to my web site.
I hope that you enjoy browsing through the various images that I have on show which have mostly been photographed from around the South West of England but also a few from further afield.
I am purely a self-taught Landscape photographer and have learnt my photography through reading books, magazines and also by making the odd mistake or two along the way!
As a Cornishman born and bred I grew up close to the sea and spent many happy days walking along beaches viewing beautiful coastline and scenery.
Little did i know that years later after getting married to my wife Joanne and moving to Somerset this fascination for my beloved Cornish coastline and scenery would return in the form of photography.
It all started for me at the age of 30 when my daughter was born in 1999.
I bought my first digital camera a Fuji MX500 which for its time had a whopping 1.5 mega pixels.
This camera started my photography obsession which soon snowballed into a Nikon Coolpix 950 and then the Nikon Coolpix 995 swivel type cameras which gave me very good results.
It was now 2004 and my taste in photography moved away from family photos to Landscape photography of which I knew nothing about but enjoyed the walking and getting out and about with my camera.
As the coming months unfolded I realised that I needed to upgrade my dated equipment and after a lot of reading and studying of magazines I decided on the Sigma SD9 camera and a cheap 28-200mm lens as this was all I could afford.
Previous to buying the camera I had looked at some stunning images that were taken with the SD9 and had also read articles on the Foveon sensor.
These were key factors that made my decision on what camera to buy a lot easier and to be honest I have never looked back regarding using Sigma cameras.
I still have the Sigma SD9 to this day and have also included the SD14 and SD15 to my collection.
I have recently received the newest camera from Sigma the SD1 Merrill and all I can say is wow
as it can produce extremely detailed photographs that can be printed to a very large size without any problems what so ever.
Nowadays I am fortunate to be able to still spend a lot of time around Cornwall and the South West and have managed to accumulate a large collection of images from around the area some of which have been used by companies such as Sigma to advertise their Lenses.
I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me and my humble background in Landscape photography.
I am always happy to help anyone who would like some advice regarding anything related to Landscape photography so please feel free to email me and if I can help I will.

Kind regards Lea.