Sigma Corporation
Sigma Corporations main website.
Sigma -imaging-uk.
This is the website for Sigma UK which has some great links to Sigma-imaging-uk Facebook site and others.
X3 Magazine.
This is a great website for fans of the Foveon sensor which are used by Sigma in their cameras.
There is a good selection of images to look at which shows the true potential of the Foveon imager.
Rytterfalk Photography and Friends.
This is a great site from Carl Rytterfalk and has a wealth of information from one of the longest users of Sigma cameras.
A great guy who has a vast knowledge and real zest for everything Sigma.
Sigma user
A nice website with some well written reviews on Sigma equipment.
Foveon is the company that produces the image sensors used in the Sigma camera.
There is a great deal of information regarding the technical aspects of the Foveon sensor and it's advantages over Bayer type sensors.
Cornwall photo Tours
Tanja Ghirardini and myself are leading a 4 day Photo Tour of Cornwall from April 17-20th 2015.
The Tour will enable photographers to capture some of the best locations Cornwall has to offer.
Sigma Forum (dp reviews)
A huge amount of information regarding anything Sigma related going back to the early days of the SD9 camera and all the way up to Sigmas current crop of Cameras and Lenses.
This is always my first stop if i am looking for some some help with a problem or if i just need some advice.
Cafe culture is a lovely coffee shop situated in Taunton Somerset.
It has a wonderful selection of coffee,cakes and great food to choose from.
I'm happy to say that Katie who is the owner of the cafe has some of my work hanging up in the cafe for sale.
If you are ever in the area the cafe comes highly recommended.